I am always on the look out for good quality ethical, natural/organic skin care products, as what we put on our skin should be just as loving as what we put in it.

This is a great product. Does what it says on the tin – HYALURONIC SERUM 200 by Evolve Beauty. I love the product, the company and their ethics, organic and ethical. The serum is lovely, very hydrating and so cool and light, with hyaluronic acid and organic pomegranate extract, feels lovely on the skin with no sticky residue. It has been particularly good for me, I’m mid forties and started to notice changes in my skin, dehydrated and just generally lacking lustre, I tried many products but this is definitely a keeper, makes my skin dewy and youthful again.

The packaging is also great, I love the minimalist look, very classy and looks lovely on the shelf, arrives in beautiful recycled packaging and I always look forward to unwrapping! Definitely has the ‘feel good factor’ which I believe is just as important as the product. In other words it’s about the whole experience. 

I highly recommend.

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