Don't get stuck in procrastination

What happens when you can’t decide or when you can’t seem to move forward? I believe this is rooted in perfectionism and the want or need to control a situation, but unless you can come to the acceptance or understanding that any or all situations can never be completely controlled, then you will be forever stopping yourself from experiencing or achieving beyond your seeming capabilities. 

Where does your need to be perfect and your need to take control come from? Looking deeper could this be a want for people to approve of what you are doing or saying? The need to be right, or the need to be liked? From this angle suddenly it doesn’t ‘feel’ so nice, but you must learn that there is no such thing as control over a situation or person. You can simply encourage, direct and plan but ultimately there is no guarantee of your preferred outcome. You can not predict a persons response or guarantee the perfect scenario. So what can you do when you are paralysed by indecision and procrastination? Stop, and ask, am I spending too much time in the past, allowing past experience to taint my ability to decide, or am I spending too much time in the future, wanting an outcome that is not yet tangible. Of course you can learn from mistakes and make better decisions, and you can also dream and aspire. But right now in any given moment you can ‘feel’ into the next step, you must learn to trust yourself, even if it seems that you are going against the grain, or the ‘norm’. 

What I believe is usually happening in these situations, is that you are blinded by what you think you should be doing according to what you ‘believe’ others expect of you, whether that be an individual, a group or society. If you allow yourself to drop the constraints, and pause, you will see it is you who holds the key to those chains you bind yourself in. 

Why do you wrap yourself in so much armour? If you can not control another or a situation, then you must bravely step out regardless of the outcome, good or bad, this step from a place of inner trust can only be a step in the right direction. But a step taken, shrouded in limitation, on the basis of control and (in)security will never lead you to the place that you truly desire. 

Go with your gut every time, it feels good. Just decide, take the step, you know the answer, you just have to listen.