I am humbled...

I am humbled does not mean I am a lesser person, but to be humbled means I am no greater than you. Think about that.. to be honoured in some way or to be praised is a beautiful thing but that accolade is recognition that you have somehow lifted that person or people to a higher plane for themselves. Isn’t that the ultimate achievement, the ability to inspire, support, or realise and ignite someones dream. To be the catalyst of something greater than oneself. 

I find it extraordinary that nowadays it seems that to go above and beyond, to give without condition or to just do a really good job is a scarcity. Unfortunately I find myself feeling disappointed with others level of service or standards. I used to think maybe my expectations were too high, but now I don’t think that is the case at all, I think that more and more we live in a world of perceived lack. Therefore through fear of losing something people tend to hold close all manner of things. Whether that be in the work place, social settings etc. Maybe this is why so many are so ready to settle for something average, and quite happy to give average to others. 

We live in abundance. But you have to see that for yourself and your life, and the ironic thing is that when you can see that and are able to give of yourself without a sense of lack, give because it makes you feel good, because you want to give and for no other reason, achieve because you want to make today better than yesterday. Then you actually find that you ‘always’ have all that you need, you always feel humbled and grateful. Somehow your life feels richer, your connections greater, you are inspired just as much as you inspire. 

I am humbled because I am no greater than you. I am humbled because I can see your beauty. I am humbled because I am a better person today than I was yesterday.