Personal Boundaries

What boundaries do you have for yourself? Right now a lot of us are finding ourselves working from home, myself included, but I find myself drifting in and out of work and my substantial goals swimming around. This is because it becomes easy to see yourself as ‘self’ employed, I will just have another coffee, I will just put that washing on…. mmm what’s that on the TV? So whether self-employed, employed, full time, part time, un-employed, although we may be in a new existence, maybe our working hours have changed, maybe we are doing things differently, but it doesn’t mean we stop having direction, stop having goals, stop aspiring for something better. The thing is that with direction comes focus and boundaries. How often does someone or something disrupt you when you are working on something? How often do you blame that disruption on your lack of work or achievement for the day? The truth is it’s not the disruptor but your lack of personal boundaries. Do you make your intentions clear for yourself and others? Are you working on something for 2 hours uninterrupted or are you drifting in and out of excuses? If you are the person whose vocabulary says “there is never enough time”, “I don’t have time for that”, “there’s never enough hours in the day”, “I can’t do this because..” then maybe you need to get clear on your intentions and set clear boundaries for yourself. It’s not the job of the distractor to understand your intentions, but your responsibility to set personal boundaries for yourself based on your own self worth, values and goals, and then eloquently but decisively portray that to the world.