About Base of Leigh...

Base of Leigh, Honest Beauty and Meditation

Base of Leigh is on a mission to make people’s lives better. Believing we all have a duty to be the best we can be for ourselves and those around us.

What little change could you make today for the better?
We all have special gifts and it is our duty to share, even if we inspire or make just one person’s life better we’ve done a good job.
Passionate about people, nature and movement…continuing to evolve.
Always on the look out for products, and spending a lot of time researching and sampling loads of them! Not only should products be natural/organic but produced ethically with the whole person and the environment in mind.
They must also be luxurious!
When using products they should make you feel good, making you slow down and take time. Smells can calm or excite, and the texture of a lotion or cream can make you feel special! A morning or evening ritual can make all the difference for your body and mind. 
And this brings in the meditation. 
Fascinated with psychology, mindfulness and generally how we tick, and realising that we spend so much time focusing outside of ourselves and not enough time nurturing inward. The mind also needs exercise and care. You don't have to be a guru to use mediation in your life, even just a 15 minute session can make all the difference to your day, helping you focus, bring clarity and general well being. 
Be the best you can be. It’s your duty.


 You can contact us here -

sam@baseofleigh.uk / +44 7957 151806